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Upcoming Events and Speakers: 
A list of current speakers and events is listed on the Health Professions web site
Throughout the academic year, a variety of meetings will be scheduled for students interested in the health professions.  All Villanova students are invited to attend these sessions to learn more about the various health professions and about admission to the health professions programs.  Speakers will include admissions representatives as well as Villanova graduates who are in local health professions programs.  Come to learn how to be the best candidate you can be.  This list will change often; check frequently to stay informed of the speakers and their topics.    

AED Initiation Luncheon will be held in March in the Villanova Room of the Connelly Center on the Villanova University campus

 When nominated for membership in AED, please complete the membership form
and return it to Dr. Russo in the Health Professions Office.
 AED Membership Form

New Programs for Members:

This year we have two exciting new programs to offer members.  We have launched a shadowing program with some local doctors and other health professionals willing to offer students the chance to shadow.  To find complete details about the program, including contact information, go to the Health Professions Advising Office in Mendel 143.

Our second program encourages members to get active in the healthcare community through volunteerism.  A collection of information and application materials are also available in Mendel 143.  Apply with a semester-long commitment in mind.

Useful Links for Pre-Health Professions Students   

Chapter Officers

President:  Matthew Blizinski
Vice-President: Neena Joseph
Secretary:  Carolyn Golski
Treasurer: John Pappas and Daniel Sholder
Editor: Rebekah Green
Advisor:  Dr. Louise Russo

The officers are committed to furthering AED as a society highly involved in the Villanova and surrounding community.  Check back often to keep up to date on meetings and current activities.  We look forward to all members' involvement and enthusiasm.  Please email Dr. Russo if you are interested in helping out with any chapter activities this year and we'll be glad to use your talents.

Chapter Activities

The Villanova Chapter sponsors activities and meetings for all students interested in the various health professions.  Admissions representatives from the local medical schools, dental schools, optometry school, physical therapy programs, and veterinary medical school are invited to speak to students.  For meetings scheduled for the current semester, check the Meetings web site.


Membership in Alpha Epsilon Delta is an honor bestowed in recognition of superior scholastic achievement of a student and affords an opportunity to develop qualities of initiative, leadership and self-education by participating in the activities of the chapter and Society.

Students are eligible for nomination after completing three semester of academic course work. To be eligible for membership, they must be pursuing the prerequisite courses prescribed by the medical schools with the minimum scholastic requirements described in the Constitution. The requirements are: GPA of 3.2 and rank in the top 35% of the class.  Attendance at meetings sponsored by the Chapter are important in the consideration; the Chapter is seeking individuals who are interested in participating in the organization.  Induction ceremonies occur yearly in the Spring Semester.

Historical Background of Alpha Epsilon Delta

In April 28, 1926, fifteen premedical students at the University of Alabama met with Dr. Jack P. Montgomery, Chairman of the Premedical Committee and Professor of Organic Chemistry, to formalize the organization of a new premedical honorary fraternity. A second chapter was installed at Howard College, now Samford University, in 1929. At the first national convention at the University of Alabama on April 18, 1930, ten members representing five chapters and one petitioning group were in attendance. From these modest beginnings, Alpha Epsilon Delta today has become the world’s largest body devoted to premedical education, with a membership exceeding 120,000 in 188 chapters of which about 7,800 are in active chapters and about 8,500 in professional school. Originally the Society was an unincorporated association, but in 1949 it was incorporated in the State of Michigan. In February 1962, the Society was reincorporated in the District of Columbia as a non-profit, educational organization.

The object of the Society is to encourage and recognize excellence in premedical scholarship; to stimulate an appreciation of the importance of premedical education in the study of medicine; to promote cooperation and contacts between medical and premedical students and educators in developing an adequate program of premedical education; to bind together similarly interested students; and to use its knowledge for the benefit of health organizations, charities, and the community.

The national office of Alpha Epsilon Delta is located at Texas Christian University.  For more information on the organization, visit the website at


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