• "Sustainable Development"
  • "Partnering with Communities"
  • "Tackling Global Problems"
  • "Improving the Lives of Others"
  • "Protecting the Environment"
  • "Creating Innovative Solutions"
  • "Empowering People"
  • "Reshaping the Future of the World"


A group of enthusiastic and dedicated students working with committed and experienced professors, Engineers without Borders is eager to take on some of the most critical emerging global issues. Together we plan and implement sustainable development projects domestically and internationally in order to assist willing communities in raising their standards of living. Our desire to "do more" is ever growing and we are always open to any and all the support we can get in delivering our services to those we benefit. Join us if you wish to be exposed to and assist in addressing some of the major concerns of today's world. Help us make tomorrow a better place for all those we serve.

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