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Villanova Formula SAE News

(01/24/2010) The car has been reassembled along with an installed DAQ system to determine acceleration, RPM, and air/fuel ratios.  The engine package was tested and tuned in Pike Lot of campus. 
(01/18/2010) The VU-02 frame construction and welding has begun.
(12/15/2010) Designs of the VU-02 frame has been finalized and all torsional rigidity testing has been complete.  Extensive FEA analysis using Solidworks Simulation and Abaqus CAE was performed to trim unnecessary weight while optimizing wall thicknesses of each member.  A Matlab code was also written to optimize the wall thickness of each bar under a torsional load while FEA was used to monitor the stress applied.
(11/06/2010) Team has completed the construction of a torsional rigidity tester for the chassis.
(10/05/2009) Team is registered to compete in the 2010 Michigan Formula SAE competition.
(10/02/2009) The VU01 is featured at the annual Engineering Alumni Society Reception and at the College of Engineering Open House.
(10/01/2009) Team in preparation to test the rigidity of the VU01 frame.
(09/25/2009) The VU01 has been completely disassembled and prepared for testing and tuning.
(09/11/2009) Video footage and photos of the VU01 car will be featured in Villanova University's recruitment video. 
(09/09/2009) Plans and lead positions for the VU02 car:

Chassis:  Tom Gacka, Tony Balsam, Chris DiPaolo, Ben Adams Engine (Control/Tuning):    Steve Hesser                                    Engine (Mechanical):       Matt Tank          
Driver Controls/Cockpit:  Alex Cusack
Body Work/Design:         Jason Woo

(05/16/2009) FSAE Michigan 2009 - Competition Results!

For a first-year team, the VU01 had an impressive debut. Here is how we placed among 120 total  teams                                            62nd - Overall                                                                                      76th - Design
70th - Cost
24th - Endurance
 (only 37 teams completed the race)             5th - Fuel economy


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