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Ecological Society of Villanova

The Ecological Society of Villanova (ESV) is a student organization that focuses on ecology and environmental science. Activities include:

  • meetings of the membership to share information about ecological issues and environmental action

  • field trips to regional sites for natural history observation, environmental education, service, and recreation

  • sponsorship of invited speakers and other events with ecological and environmental themes

ESV was founded in 1994 by undergraduate students majoring in Biology. The organization continues to be supported administratively by the Department of Biology (faculty advisor: Dr. Robert Curry), but it is not restricted in membership: any student, undergraduate or graduate, with interests in environmental problems and the science of ecology is welcome to join.

ESV is not formally affiliated with the Ecological Society of America, but we share interests with that professional organization.

The focus and activities of ESV complement those of our sister organization, the Villanova Environmental Group (VEG). Quite a few students are active members of both groups. ESV concentrates especially on ecology, environmental biology, and biological conservation ... and on related activities both on campus and in the field.


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