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General Info

The Villanova Twirlers are a co-ed baton twirling group with a growing presence on campus! Our team is composed of twirlers of all skill levels. (Many of our team members never twirled before joining us!) We perform at many on- and off-campus events throughout the year, including St. Thomas of Villanova Day of Service and Special Olympics Fall Festival.


The Twirlers practice three nights a week for a total of 4 hours. Football games require Saturday commitments throughout the Fall semester, and basketball games require both Saturday and weeknight commitments, depending on our performance schedule. Attendance is very important for the Twirlers because choreographing routines becomes a challenge when members can't make it to practices and/or events last-minute.


The Twirlers participate in a pre-game tailgate with the Band, Dance Team, and Wildcat Dancers before every home football game. Here, we walk around Pike lot and behind the Pavilion performing for tailgating fans to music played by the Villanova band. We have designated tailgating routines that members must learn in order to participate during tailgating. In addition, the Twirlers get to perform one fire twirling routine at the end of each tailgate! Participation in football season is required for members to twirl during basketball season.


During men's and women's basketball season, the Twirlers are given either a 1-minute time-out or a 2-min halftime slot to perform at select home games. Here, the Twirlers get to choose their own music and choreograph brand new routines (with more freedom to do tricks indoors!). All members are encouraged to participate in song selection and choreography for basketball performances.


With so much going on, the Villanova Twirlers are required to check their Villanova email daily for updates and Twirlers news. Communication by text is common for last-minute changes to practice schedules, locations, etc. In addition, we have a private Facebook group for sharing information, photos, and other fun stuff!


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